Real estate holding company specializing in residential assisted living houses for Alzheimer's and dementia care


RRH Holdings LLC is a real estate holding company that raises funds to buy existing residential houses to remodel and convert them into beautiful residential assisted living homes. These homes are then leased to Jaxpointe, a related company operating assisted living care for seniors with dementia needs, such as Alzheimer's.

There is a tremendous need for housing for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia in Colorado and across the U.S. Jaxpointe has found that seniors with dementia do very well living in a residential home setting.

Jaxpointe has plans for 9 additional homes in the next 24 months and RRH Holdings has the exclusive rights to provide them. The funds being raised will be leveraged with lender financing. The investments are backed by the real estate, interest is earned annually (can be reinvested) and an addition kicker is given based on the final appraised value. The kicker is positively impacted by the success of the Jaxpointe assisted living operation.

Our unique business model and partnership helps protect investors from potential liability claims and yet could provide a benefit from the successes of Jaxpointe!